Jennifer Ventura



Class Year: 2026

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Why did you choose to attend UE?

I chose UE to become my second home because of the community it has along with the opportunities it offers. When I was looking at colleges, one thing I took into big consideration was if I was going to feel like a student or a number.

What activities or organizations have you been involved with at UE? How have these impacted your college career?

I am involved in many of the organizations that UE has to offer here on campus. I am Vice President of the International Club, Director of Communications for Ace Scholars, and Diversity Chair for Zeta Tau Alpha. Being able to hold leadership positions has helped me be more confident in my voice and take charge of different aspects of my life. I’ve been able to meet people who want to make an impact on campus and work together to take our plans and bring them to life.

­How has the Ace Scholars group helped/impacted your UE experience?

I like that here at UE there is an organization made to help first-generation students, whereas at other campuses there isn't. Being a first-generation college student is something that gets overlooked a lot by students. When I arrived on campus, I found great comfort in having Ace Scholars on campus.

What advice would you share with incoming students?

You truly do get what you put in. If you want to meet new people, go to the events. If you want to do better in school, go to tutoring/reach out to your professors. There are lots of things going on and if you want to be involved you have to be willing to reach out. On the lighter side, practice time management because academics go first in college, be able to prioritize your grades and career, then add all the extracurriculars.